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3BA Brass Band

3BA Brass Band

The 3BA Concert Band was founded in April 2005 as one of the first brass bands in Germany. Two years later the band took part in the German Brass Band Championships and won the competition. Since 2008 the 3BA Concert Band is regularly winning this competition and in 2014 the band participated as the first German band in the Championship Section of the European Championships.

Under the direction of the artistic director Mag. Thomas Ludescher the band won a very respectable 10th place. Also in 2016 the band took part in the European Championship and ended up on the 9th place.

Video about the bavarian 3BA Brass Band

A brass band, a conductor and composer, a factory, a company and one passion:
The movie "EmbBRASSing Sound" shows how various parts interact and create a fascinating sound-experience.

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