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The GENEVA series

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Oldroyd Cardinal

Founder and Visionary Spirit of the GENEVA Group, Tim Oldroyd, made his first Cardinal Instrument for Mark Crown, Trumpet player for the pop group “Rudimental” in the winter of 2012. Since that time, the Oldroyd Cardinal has been praised many times by some of the top brass players around the world,
and the range is fast becoming the quintessential choice for even the most demanding musicians. The range brings together the latest of innovations, pure luxury, the finest materials, attention to detail, and relentless quest for perfection.

Each of the Oldroyd Cardinal instruments feature decorative engraving that is hand crafted by gifted artisans, thus making your Cardinal instrument absolutely unique. Almost all of the Cardinal range feature a seamless nickel silver bell flare, fused to either a rose brass or yellow brass bell, depending on which Cardinal instrument you play.

The nickel silver bell gives the musician the ultimate projection and warmth that blends to any desired musical requirement. The venturi, featured on all the Cardinal lead pipes,
are designed to allow the musician to have much more sound instantly, and an almost resistant free and production free experience. We believe at Oldroyd Cardinal we have taking brass musical instrument innovation and production to a different level, but the customer will be the ultimate deciding factor.


The Symphony range is the epitome of pure sound, and was specifically developed for that traditional brass band market in Great Britain. Over 16 years of development, the GENEVA Symphony range features unique design concepts to reach new levels in brass musical instrument manufacturing. Almost all of the lower brass Symphony models feature a yellow brass bell allowing the instrument to create the desired “singing brass band sound and feel” and also keeping the sound even throughout the frequency and dynamic ranges.

The Symphony Cornet features a Rose Brass Bell design, which gives the cornet the desired warm feeling to musical colour, and the dynamic spectrums, but still offers the instrument a degree of brightness when required to sing over the top of the band. The lead pipe on all Symphony instruments feature a very even and gradual taper, from venturi to valve, this offers the musician a controlled feel with just a little more resistance than the Cardinal range.

Depending on the player, this can help improve intonation across the each of the above frequency and dynamic ranges. The Symphony range is now regarded as one of the leading ranges in brass band musical instruments, and the choice of many of the world’s leading international artists, and famous brass ensembles.


The Mentor is GENEVA’s most recent addition to the brass instrument range, and compliments other models within the GENEVA brand. This too is a professional instrument, and where appropriate, it is produced from the exact same materials as the more expensive Symphony and Cardinal ranges,
and also includes many of the same innovations.

What has been done is to strip back some of the more ‘ornate fittings’ and engraving, but this does not detract from the very essence of the sound, concepts, and innovations of those more expensive instruments. All the Mentor range feature an even taper yellow brass bell, giving the musician an outstanding breadth of sound throughout the frequency ranges.

In addition, all the Mentor instruments feature the exact same lead pipe that features on the more expensive Symphony range, but n yellow brass whilst still offering the controlled feel. All in all, the Mentor range is the ultimate in modern design GENEVA are reputed for, quite a stunning experience to play, but without the higher price tag.

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